The Primary Students’ Ability in Writing New Words

Benny hardy : The Primary Students’ Ability in Writing New Words  
A Thesis : 

This thesis deals with students’ ability in learning English Vocabulary. This population of this research was the SD Negeri 060886 Jl. Rebab. 316 Medan Baru of the Academic Year 2006-2007. The data were collected by giving a set of test listening and essay test where as the teacher utter that new word that never they hear in class before. The result of the calculating of the score of all factors show that 34.7 % students in able category and 65.3 % other of the students are in unable category. It indicates the students’ ability still need to teach intensively by their teacher. To high the student’s ability in writing new words, school should supporting materials and appropriate facilities. For example: Appropriate the number of students, good materials and availability of professional teachers necessary because teaching vocabulary is needs a special skill. 

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