Students’ Abilirty in Answering Oral Test Based on Gender

 Students’ Abilirty in Answering Oral Test Based on Gender.
Thesis : English Department of FKIP xxxxxxxxxx

 The study attempted to investigate whether female students or male student is better in answering oral. The objectives of this study was to find out the students’ ability in answering oral test based on gender which was indicated by the students’ scores on the oral tests.
 The population of this research was the 2006/2007 second year social class students of SMA Negeri 1 xxxxxxxxxxx There are six classes at the second year students. The population is 238 that consists of 129 female students and 109 male student Then, all the population be a sample which were taken 30% each gender:. They were divided into two groups : experimental group (female student) and control group (male Student).
 The data were acquired by administrating objective test, which consisted of 10 items. The test was teacher-made test. This test was reliable, to be a test in measuring the oral test.
 It was found out that there is a significant difference between the male students and female students in answering oral test. the result of the t-test formula is observed t value = 1.47 the degrees of freedom 70. the critical value from the table at alpha 0,05 is 2.0. base on this analysis, it was found that the value of observed t (to) is higher than the value of t from the table so that hypothesis is accepted. So, the result of this research is The female student is better in answering oral test than male student

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