Adjectives in English and Bahasa Mandailing

Adjectives in English and Bahasa Mandailing” .
A Thesis : Faculty of Teacher Training and Education University of xxxxxxx

The objectives of this research was to describe the adjectives in English and Bahasa Mandailing. Specially the object of the study is to investigate similarities and dissimilarities of the two languages in terms of use in the positive, comparative and superlative degree comparison. The data were obtained from the textbooks. The method used in this research was contrastive and descriptive one. The technique in analyzing data was descriptive adjective in both of language, classifying and describing differences and similarities. The finding shows both languages have similarities and differences in adjective especially in degree comparison such as the place and the using of the adjective and affixation that bound in each adjective and we can see that adjective comparative degree and adjective superlative degree.

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