1. “spoken utterances in javanese and bahasa batak”

2. “noun and verb phrases in english and malay” .

3. Contrastive Analysis Between Javanese And Bataknese In Spoken English Utterances

4. Imperative sentence in English and Bahasa Batak Mandailing

5. The contrastive analysis an english and batak mandailing in request sentences

6. semantic analysis on the students’ ability in distinguishing ambiguity and anomaly sentence of English

7. an analysis on the students’ competence in predicting information from the pictures on reading text at sma negeri 1 batangonang

8. comparative study between literal meaning and non literal meaning in english and indonesian poems

9. analisis makna fisik dan batin kumpulan sajak sepatu tua karya ws rendra

10. “the effects of using tape recorder technique on the students’ achievement in vocabulary” .

11. “the kindergarten students’ ability in expressing parts of the human body based on pictures”.

12. “semiotic analysis on the students’ speech based on gender”.

13. “the correlation between parents’ educational background with students’ ability in mastering english vocabulary” .

14. “the correlation between parents’ educational background with students’ ability in mastering english vocabulary”

15. the primary students’ ability in writing new words

16. “the effects of using media (picture) to the primary students’ achievement in teaching vocabulary”

17. “english and mandailing demonstratives and pronoun”

18. Students’ Problem In Forming An English Sentence Based On The Maxim Of Quality And Maxim Of Quantity

19. The effect of audio-lingual method on the students’ achievement in learning plural noun.

20. students’ ability in identifying independent clauses and dependent clauses in sentences

21. “an analysis on the politeness in indonesian adress system” .

22. “an analysis on the students’ ability in studying english sentence classification”.

23. The students’ ability in identifying antonims in scientific texts.

24. The Students’ Ability In Identifying And Classifying English Sentences In Writing Text

25. “error analysis on the use of tenses” .

26. the effect of using environmental technique to the students’’ achievement in learning vocabulary.

27. students’ abilirty in answering oral test based on gender.

28. the students’ ability in building abstract noun from adjective based on affixation

29. The Students’ Ability in Arranging Conversation Based on the Context of Situation Offered by Teacher

30. “the students’ ability in constructing imperative sentences” .

31. the effects of using completion technique to the students’ achievement in learning vocabulary

32. “Adjectives in English and Bahasa Mandailing” .

33. “The Students’ Ability in Using Perfect Continuous Tense”.

34. The Correlation Between Using Words Category Method And Students’ Achievement In Learning Vocabulary.

35. Students’ Speaking Competence By Using Communication Through Design

36. The students’ difficulties in distinguishing between adverbial phrases And preposition

37. : “An Analysis on the Usage Of Affixation in King Manggala’s Treasure”

38. “An Analysis on the Use of Sentences on the Text of Antigone Drama”

39. “The Elementary Students’ Problem in Differentiating the Use of Auxiliary Verb Do-Does in the Negative Sentences”

40. “The Effect of Lexical Approach on the Students’ Achievement in Understanding Text of the Junior High School’


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